Lab to Table is a fabulous resource. Cyndi simplifies the science to make credible information in easy to digest chapters. You can read in a continuous stream or dip in and out, the choice is yours. The “Action Steps” to making better choices is so simple it’s brilliant.

Cyndi O'Mera - Lab To Table

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    • A powerfully insightful book revealing the truth about our food
    • Cyndi exposes the hidden ingredients within foods, demanding transparency for everyone so they can make informed decisions and better choices for themselves and their families
    • Learn how modern foods will challenge the health of your body and understand how to best heal and nourish it instead.
    • Step-by-step guide – discover chapters on flavours: natural is not real, clean labelling: a disguise for additives, not all salt is equal, stop counting calories, beware of fake meats and eat chocolate!
    • Replace favourite foods with satisfying healthier alternatives, revoke mindless, unhealthy eating and relish in real whole foods.