The science world is confirming that which Hippocrates said some 2400 years ago; ‘all disease begins in the gut’. With the race to discover the microbiome alive & well, the fundamental principles of healing the gut have remained the same for thousands of years; reduce the inflammation & heal the gut lining. Read more about Kale Brock on Go Vita Podcasts 

Kale Brock - The Gut Healing Protocol Book

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    • A scientific round-up of the gut; how it works & how it can influence your health
    • Discussions on points of view of world experts on the microbiome
    • The roles played by the various microbes who live on & inside of you
    • Why eliminating certain foods can drastically decrease the inflammation in the gut
    • Why the addition of certain foods & supplements can assist in healing the gut lining
    • A comprehensive, gentle 8 Week Program for you to undertake
    • Stunning, delicious recipes which will actively help you heal your gut lining & rebalance your microbiome.