Lee supplies some background about the science and history of fasting, how it works and the huge health benefits that can go with it. Along with shopping and cooking tips and tricks, a shopping list, and handy calorie calculator to help you on your fasting experience, this book is packed with information about this traditional health practice for both newcomers and those already incorporating fasting into their week.

Lee Holmes - Fast Your Way to Wellness

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  • Lee Holmes holds an Advanced Certificate in Food and Nutrition and is a certified holistic health coach (IIN), yoga teacher, wholefoods chef and bestselling author of the Supercharged Food series, which includes Eat Your Way To Good Health; Eat Yourself Beautiful; Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian; Heal Your Gut; Supercharged Food for Kids and Eat Right for Your Shape. She is a columnist for Wellbeing Magazine and is the Lifestyle Food Channel's Healthy Eating Expert. Her articles have appeared in leading Australian newspapers and journals, as well as The Times and The Daily Express in the UK and The Huffington Post in the USA.